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Our Mission is to be the recognized leader in providing exceptional value and diversity in natural stone products and to create a work environment that focuses on the care and education of our employees and customers. Stone NW delivers stone products from the quarry to homes, businesses, and even National Park Projects. Stone NW has committed itself to produce the highest quality of natural stone products to our customers. Your imagination combined with our skilled craftsmen and talented stone cutters, allows for an unlimited amount of possibilities for natural stone products and design. Jerry Cates – Operations Manager

Who We Are


Our Veneers are an all natural stone product that can be applied to exterior and interior projects. All of our veneer product lines highlight the inherent beauty of natural stone unique to the Pacific Northwest. Whether you choose Thin Veneer, Buildingstone or a Custom Veneer you will enjoy the longevity and charm of 100% natural stone while our fabrication methods guarantee a high quality and cost effective product.

Hardscape Products

Patio stone material come in lots of shapes and colors that will bring an enriching atmosphere to any front or back yard setting. The beauty of the stone will reflect no matter if you choose our Flagstones, Patio Stones or Step Stones.

Slabs are flatter than Boulders usually ranging from 4”- 10”thick; they also come in many different shapes. This makes them visually appealing for natural stone bridges, steps, benches or tables.

Wall Rock is the smaller version of Boulders usually 175 pounds or less. Being smaller in size makes them ideal for a hand stacked retaining wall, or a rustic trim along your flower garden.

Boulders are large, stationary stones; usually over 200 pounds that can be decoratively placed around the front or back yard or structurally in a large, sturdy wall or elegant water feature.

Columns are a spectacular formation of stone that comes to us more vertical than a normal boulder.  They are most popular made into our Bubblers, but that is not their only use. They are ideal as a monument, bench, flagpole, tikki torch; they have such versatility.

Our Commitment

Stone NW would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve your natural stone needs. Stone NW is a locally owned small business dedicated to providing natural stone to the contractors and homeowners of Southwest Washington and NW Oregon. Stone NW conducts itself with these three pillars always in mind.


The quality of our products is paramount, and we take pride in providing only the highest quality stone. Our commitment to quality begins at the quarry and carries through until the stone is laid and the project complete. From our finished Camas Basalt to our Montana sandstone, we strive to provide our masons and homeowners with product with provides a consistent high quality, longevity, and beauty. From the beginning, a commitment to quality will yield only the best results.


Our sales staff are trained to provide knowledgeable and helpful service. With three locations to serve you, we are able to provide stone anywhere in the greater Portland area and beyond. If you have a question about a product, special fabrication, or general installation; we are happy to help.


With almost 30 years of dedicated service to the stone industry we have a strong network of stone quarries in every category of material to serve any need. We can find a color pattern and texture to fit almost any project, and we strive to ensure our sales yards are fully stocked for any of your hardscaping needs.