Architectural Portfolio

Our stone can be found at Yellowstone National Park, Microsoft, Nike, Glacier Park, the Columbia River Scenic Drive, Rainier National Park, Crater Lake and more.These galleries showcase projects that we are proud to have had a part in. Each gallery provides the scope of the project including location; the architect, designer or contractor; and the stone used. StoneNW routinely works with architects and designers to provide Project Management services on projects like these. From the quarry to the wall, we can help manage the quarrying, fabrication and production of the stone your project needs. Over the years, we have worked closely with our contractors and fully understand the importance of accurate estimates. We can help calculate realistic quantity, costing, and time tables for your project. We’ll even handle the logistics for delivery. Many of the projects we have worked on operated under LEED directives. StoneNW resolutely supports initiatives that promote the preservation and careful management of our natural resources, and we are happy to help incorporate those standards into any project.