Bluestone, from Pennsylvania, has developed widespread popularity throughout the United States. It’s a sandstone material that is hard enough to withstand any climate from the cold rainy northwest to the hot southwest regions. Bluestone’s dominant blue-green color blends to patches of lavender, giving the stone a strong earthy tone. This product line also comes in a variety of tumbled products and dimensional cut material. Bluestone, a 400 million year old stone, has quickly become the nations most popular flagstone. Affordable, workable, and versatile there is virtually no landscape Bluestone cannot adapt to.


Blue Stone comes in irregular stand-up pieces with different thicknesses and a mix of fabricated sizes. For a more formal look it also comes sawed, flamed, or bull- nosed to meet most architectural designs. The locations of the quarries have made shipping with rail a reasonable option for transportation.
PA Bluestone Tumbled
Tumbled Blueridge Supreme 2
PA Bluestone Irregular
PA Bluestone Irregular Full Color 1 
PA Bluestone Irregular Full Color 2
PA Bluestone Irregular 1 True Blue
PA Bluestone Irregular 2 True Blue
PA Bluestone Irregular 1 Lilac
PA Bluestone Pattern
PA Bluestone 1 Mixed
PA Bluestone 1 True Blue Mixed
PA Bluestone 1 Lilac Mixed
PA Bluestone 1 Blue Thermal Sawn
PA Bluestone 2 Thermal Tread / Sills
PA Bluestone Sawn Thermal Treads
Sawn Thermal Steps
Sawn Thermal Pool Coping
Garden Steppers & Wallstone