We consistently hold a strong commitment to quality, selection and service. With nearly 30 years of dedicated service in the stone industry, we know what it takes to be an industry leader. We quarry our own materials locally and nationally and have our own fabrication capabilities, including thin veneer saws, wire saws, bridge saws and guillotines. We do special drilling, flaming, polishing and engraving. We are creating some of the industry’s finest thin veneers, water features, and hand crafted stone pizza ovens. Come visit one of our locations to see and get samples of our many types of flagstone, step stone, and building stone with exclusive color variations you can’t find anywhere else.

Custom Veneer

Our fabrication facilities combined with our extensive knowledge and experience cutting and shaping natural stone sets us apart from our competitors in the building stone industry. Our fabrication facilities consist of state of the art cutting systems. Along with all of the custom cut stone sawing systems, our employees have been trained in not only the use of modern day equipment, but the use of hand tools that have been used in our family business for more than 50 years.


Despite this prevailing notion, there are many other types of natural stone finishes that may turn out to be more appropriate for your taste and your needs and will still add charm and elegance to your surroundings. Depending on the kind of stone you have selected for your project, you can choose a specific finish that will best reveal its natural beauty, be easy to maintain, and create the impression you’ve been looking for.

Half, full rounded edge.

It is achieved through intense heating followed by rapid cooling which results in a rough texture and relief surface.

Creates straight faces, makes a more natural straight faced edge.

The mirror-like shine and smoothness of polished stone is achieved by using progressively finer polishing heads while grinding, sanding, and buffing the stone at source to bring out its rich colors and character. The surface becomes highly reflective – it catches the light in a fascinating manner and emphasizes the colors resulting in visual depth and stunning beauty.

Uses a coarse rotary wire brush that provides a worn down look that simulates natural wear over time. Also known as antiqued finish, it creates an illusion of natural wear and results in gently embossed, medieval look of the stone.

A high pressure blast of sand is applied to the stone surface to achieve a roughened texture.
The stone looks weathered and its natural beauty is fully revealed.