Hardscape Stone

Our Hardscape Stone consists of wall rock, boulders, patio stone, step stones, columns, slabs and treads. We carry multiple product lines in each of these categories. Build the outdoor landscape of your dreams with our products!

Patio & Step Stones

Patio stone material come in lots of shapes and colors that will bring an enriching atmosphere to any front or back yard setting. The beauty of the stone will reflect no matter if you choose our Flagstones, Patio Stones or Step Stones. Flagstones tend to speak to a lot of contractors because of their large size, while home owners relish in the maneuverability of the smaller Patio & Step Stones.


Bluestone 11/2-21/2″ Flagstone in a dry laid patio.


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Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain 1-11/2″ Flagstone in a mortar laid patio.

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Boulders & Wall Rock

Boulders are large, stationary stones; usually over 200 pounds that can be decoratively placed around the front or back yard or structurally in a large, sturdy wall or elegant water feature. Wall Rock is the smaller version of Boulders usually 175 pounds or less. Being smaller in size makes them ideal for a hand stacked retaining wall, or a rustic trim along your flower garden.

Columbia River Baslt

Columbia River Basalt Wall Rock 25-75lbs

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Windswept Moss

Windswept Moss boulder in a natural water feature.


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Columns are a spectacular formation of stone that comes to us more vertical than a normal boulder.  They are most popular made into our Bubblers, but that is not their only use. They are ideal as a monument, bench, flagpole, tikki torch; they have such versatility.

Black Rock

Black Rock full columns as benches.

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Slabs & Treads

Slabs & Treads are flatter than Boulders usually ranging from 4”- 10”thick; they also come in many different shapes. This makes them visually appealing for natural stone bridges, steps, benches or tables.


Pioneer Treads in stairs.

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Columbia River Basalt

Columbia River Basalt slabs.

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