Iron Mountain

The strong iron colors brings out rust tone highlights on a mostly blue-black stone. Its tremendous durability makes this flagstone ideal for all climates. Its earth tone colors, occasionally with a metallic rust patina, help to integrate Iron Mountain stone into any natural landscape or building project. As a building stone, veneer, outdoor patio or indoor floor, Iron Mountain is an architectural stone that will add strength and character to any project.


1″ Minus Flagstone
1″ – 1.5″ Flagstone
1.5″ – 2.5″ Flagstone
Thin Veneer
Iron Mountain Stepstone
1″ – 2″ Stepping Stones
2″ – 3″ Stepping Stones
Tumbled Iron Mountain
Tumbled Steps
Tumbled Chips
Iron Mountain Boulders
Iron Mountain Slabs


Iron Mountain flagstone comes in pieces that are approximately 18″ and larger. The 1″ Minus covers approximately 200 sq ft per ton and can be veneered into fireplaces or mortared patios. The 1″ – 1.5″ covers approximately 125 sq ft per ton and is ideal for patios and walkways. The 1.5″ – 2.5″ Iron Mountain flagstone can be used for steps, hearthstones or patios.

The stepstone grade ranges in size from approximately 12″ to 18″ per piece and covers anywhere between 65-125 sq ft per ton, depending on the thickness. Stepstones can be used in patios, walkways, waterfeatures, veneer or fireplaces.

Tumbled Iron Mountain has smooth, rounded edges for that stone cottage patio look. It can also be veneered onto walls or fireplaces.