Residential Portfolio

Savvy homeowners and contractors have used our breathtaking natural stone veneers to wow audiences and win awards in dream home competitions such as the Street of Dreams and Parade of Homes. We turn dreamers into our biggest fans by helping them realize they can achieve their ideal looks and save with quarry direct prices. These galleries showcase projects that we are proud to have had a part in. We can help calculate realistic quantity, costing, and time tables for your project. We’ll even handle the logistics for delivery. StoneNW resolutely supports initiatives that promote the preservation and careful management of our natural resources, and we are happy to help incorporate those standards into any project.


Fireplaces are a classic centerpiece in dream homes throughout the world, and appeal to humankind’s ancient comfort and sense safety with stone and flame. Mantels and Hearths add a sense of completeness to fireplaces, and are the features that are most closely examined, making natural stone the perfect choice for a luxurious look.
Chimneys welcome homeowners and their guests as a sign of warmth and comfort inside, adding significant curb appeal and value to a home.


Water has always been a soothing element to humans across time. We love to sit, listen, or even play in their rejuvenating depths.  For the listeners among us who love nothing more than to hear the bubbling of water while they enjoy their outdoor space a bubbler would satisfy their need. To the others a waterfall may bring more of a lively aura to your outdoor living space by giving you the realism of a natural element. Even to create a pond in which you sustain the life of other animals can bring a sense of calm and a nurturing value to your everyday experience.

Patios & Steps

Patio stone material come in lots of shapes and colors that will bring an enriching atmosphere to any front or back yard setting. The beauty of the stone will reflect no matter if you choose our Flagstones, Patio Stones or Step Stones. Flagstones tend to speak to a lot of contractors because of their large size, while home owners relish in the maneuverability of the smaller Patio & Step Stones.

Outdoor Kitchens

Humankind has always strived to make the outdoors feel like home. The outdoor living revolution of the 21st century is finally making this dream a reality by bringing a new generation of homeowners an experience like never before. We invite you to think outside the box to envision your entire backyard as an extra large living room in which the only ceiling is the sky. Think of every square inch of your landscape as a part of the floorplan.

Walls & Landscapes

A lowly garden wall under appreciated and often overlooked. The stone garden wall is one of the most important elements of any landscaped space. The garden wall is critical to providing structure and style, they define spaces within the garden, the retaining wall provides erosion control and helps to recover flat ground from a sloping site.


The Western Pacific Thin Veneer products highlights the inherent beauty of natural stone unique to the Pacific Northwest, Montana, and Idaho. Thin veneer stone allows you to enjoy the longevity and charm of real stone while our fabrication methods guarantee a high quality, cost effective product.

Our natural stone veneers have been used by masons and craftsmen in the Pacific Northwest for generations. We carefully considered the color, texture, and tone of each type of rock to create a look that is truly unique. We are also able to create custom blends upon request, so feel free to mix and match until you create your own perfect look.

All veneer products are available in six different patterns. Each pattern offers a distinct feel and can have as much impact on your project as the stone itself. Below is a list of the available patterns and a brief description of each.

If you are considering manufactured stone over natural stone we would like to bring your attention to a few problems with manufactured stone, first of all it’s not real stone and will never wear like real stone. Incorrect installation of manufactured stone veneer on an exterior wall can lead to serious damage from water penetration, occurring even over a relatively short period of time. There have been reports of serious foundation rotting due to improperly installed concrete veneers in homes less than two years old. Concrete is very absorbent and allows water to weep, if the backing is not done correctly then you will have water getting behind your concrete veneer which when it freezes can cause the veneer to pop and brake apart. When the manufactured stone is cut or breaks the aggregate is visible because the color does not always go all the way through the concrete. Manufactured stone is not reusable where real stone is a green product that has the ability to be removed and applied to another project. Maintaining manufactured stone can be an issue as well, de-icing salts, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents and paint thinners can cause discoloration and staining.