If you are considering manufactured stone over natural stone we would like to bring your attention to a few problems with manufactured stone, first of all it’s not real stone and will never wear like real stone. Incorrect installation of manufactured stone veneer on an exterior wall can lead to serious damage from water penetration, occurring even over a relatively short period of time.

There have been reports of serious foundation rotting due to improperly installed concrete veneers in homes less than two years old. Concrete is very absorbent and allows water to weep, if the backing is not done correctly then you will have water getting behind your concrete veneer which when it freezes can cause the veneer to pop and brake apart.

When the manufactured stone is cut or breaks the aggregate is visible because the color does not always go all the way through the concrete. Manufactured stone is not reusable where real stone is a green product that has the ability to be removed and applied to another project. Maintaining manufactured stone can be an issue as well, de-icing salts, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents and paint thinners can cause discoloration and staining.